To thank you for your time for dropping by the website, we have a few complimentary goodies for you.

First, you can download a free preview of the book “Bricks for Small Places”. It is a first-of-its-kind book that details how to create a spectacular LEGO city even if you do not have a large space.

Topics covered include design philosophy & principles, brick city planning, choosing your builds, building your city and an in-depth case study of a 62,000+ piece brick city built in a 6ft x 2ft area space. There are almost 250 photos on city layouts, official builds, MODs and MOCs.

We have created a couple of original posters that you can print out for your LEGO city. These posters are sized to fit a 1 x 4 x 6 panel that you can mount on a door frame to create a billboard.

You will receive a variety of both portrait and landscape posters, so you can choose the best ones that fit your LEGO city.

We also have a number of video tutorials on small builds that are perfect for any brick city. The first free videos you will get are our original interpretations for:

  • A Film Crew – Main Camera with Dolly, Director’s Chair & Monitor, Steady Cam and Grip (Boom Mic)
  • A Modern Fridge
  • A Heated Toilet

The best news is that new posters and video tutorials will be given to you over time as long as you are subscribed to our site.

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