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“Mini House” Video + Building Instructions (NEW)

This is an original design for a modular-style mini house (8 x 8 studs) that is MiniFig-scale.


This mini house is detailed on the outside and inside. It features a 3-tone colour scheme for the exterior walls and a 2-tone pitch roof. The outside has a front window sill with awning and there is a side window which is offset outwards. There is also a water pipe running down the side of both floors and an air-conditioning compressor mounted on the wall at the back. The ground floor interior features a full-kitchen and the second floor holds the living quarters with a bed, toilet and shower.

Download the following documents by right-clicking and “save as”:

Mini House Building Instructions (PDF)

Mini House Parts List – XML + Instructions (PDF)

“Micro Cityscape” Building Instructions

The Small Brick City “Micro Cityscape” is a 3D brick-built interpretation of the Small Brick City Logo. Now, you can build it for your own custom LEGO city or LEGO collection.

Download the following documents by right-clicking and “save as”:

Micro Cityscape Building Instructions (PDF)

Micro Cityscape Parts List – XML + Instructions (PDF)

“Bricks for Small Places” Preview

“Bricks for Small Places” is a first-of-its-kind book that details how to create a spectacular LEGO city even if you do not have a large space.

Topics covered include design philosophy & principles, brick city planning, choosing your builds, building your city and an in-depth case study of a 62,000+ piece brick city built in a 6ft x 2ft area space. There are almost 250 photos on city layouts, official builds, MODs and MOCs.

Download the free preview by clicking on the image below:

Original Poster Art

We have created a couple of original posters that you can print out for your LEGO city. These posters are sized to fit a 1 x 4 x 6 panel that you can mount on a door frame to create a billboard.

Just save the images below, print them out and cut them to size and stick them onto your LEGO panel parts.

Video Tutorials

The password to unlock the videos is: unlocklego

The parts needed for each build is listed under each video. Feel free to substitute parts or colours as you feel works best for you.

LEGO Film Crew (86 pieces)

Download parts for LEGO Film Crew list HERE.

LEGO Modern Fridge (32 pieces)

  • 1 x Plate 1×4 (3710), White
  • 1 x Plate 2×4 (3020), White
  • 2 x Plate 2×2 (3022), White
  • 4 x Plate 2×3 (3021), Black
  • 2 x Tile 2×4 (87079), White
  • 1 x Tile, Modified 1×2 Grille with Bottom Groove/Lip (2412B), Light Gray
  • 2 x Panel 1x2x3 – Hollow Studs (2362B), Trans-Clear
  • 1 x Panel 1x2x2 – Hollow Studs (4864B), Trans-Clear
  • 3 x Panel 1x2x2 – Hollow Studs (4862B), Trans-Light Blue
  • 1 x Door Frame 1x4x6 Type 1 (30179), Black
  • 1 x Door 1x4x6 (60616), Trans-Clear
  • 1 x Tile 1×1 with Gauge Pattern (3070BP07), Light Bluish Gray
  • 2 x Brick, Modified 1×1 with Headlights (4070), White
  • 10 x Brick 1×1 (3005), White

LEGO Heated Toilet (8 pieces)

  • 1 x Brick, Round 1×1 Open Stud (3062B), White
  • 1 x Plate, Modified 1×2 with 1 Stud Jumper (3794), White
  • 1 x Tile 1×2 with Red 82, Yellow and White Gauges Pattern, Light Bluish Gray
  • 1 x Tile, Round 2×2 (4150), White
  • 1 x Brick 1×1 (3005), White
  • 1 x Brick 2×2 Corner (2357), White
  • 1 x Brick 1×2 (3004), White
  • 1 x Slope, Inverted 33 3×2 with Connections between Studs (3747B), White